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What's Different About Altus?
With a focus on improved patient safety from new, label-differentiated formulations Altus Formulation is a specialty drug formulation and development company using our proprietary, commercially validated drug delivery technologies to generate cost effective 'safer to use' new products for our partners and their patients. 

Over the past 10 years of working together, the seasoned Atlus Team have achieved mutiple product approvals around the world for ourselves and our partners. Our People, Technologies and Quality bring new value to your products and pipeline.


What Altus Can Do for You


Small or large molecule, oral or parenteral delivery, soluble or insoluble drug,  the Altus team can meet your new molecule, 10(3), 505(b)(2) pathway or super generic product development needs. From formulation design using our PK predictive SIMPHARM platform, prototype development on one of our many validated drug delivery platform, to clinical supplies and registration, Altus is your  one stop shop for formulation development, analytical development, clinical batch manufacturing, commercial development and human proof-of-principle testing

Our Technologies

Altus has developed a range of innovative tools and platforms to streamline development of new molecule, 505(b)(2) pathway or super generic product formulations including;



In silico predictive IV/IVc to take trial and error out of formulation development



Oral controlled release technology for one or two actives that allows scored tablets that retain full controlled release when broken. Tablets developed with Intellitab technology dont dose dump if crushed or chewed and prevent drug extraction from a variety of solvents. 


MicroSpheres Plus

Taste-masked microcapsules for controlled release beverages; suitable for prescription, OTC, supplement and nutraceutical delivery.


Contramid High Load

12 or 24hr controlled release for doses from 10mg to over 1000mg



Micellar smart materials for increased oral bioavailability  and small volume parenterals and prefilled syringes



pH and temperature sensitive materials for long acting depot formulations of small or large, soluble or insoluble drugs